The Penn Intellectual Property Group (PIPG) is a student group at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. PIPG, established during the fall of 2001, focused on enhancing intellectual property interest within Penn Law, Penn, and the Philadelphia community. PIPG activities include career panels, academic symposiums, and social events.

If you are interested in learning more about PIPG or collaborating with PIPG, please contact us at pennlawip[at]gmail[dot]com.

2016-2017 Officers


Vice Presidents

Managing Blog Editors

Associate Blog Editor

Symposium Chairs

PEEPL Liaison

1L Events Committee

1L Blog Committee

1L Symposium Committee

Kimberly Li, Eric Schlabs

Greg Bischoping, Bobby Hampton

Jacqueline Kim, Shelby Rokito

Griffin Davis

Jennifer Hartjes, Teddi Josephson, Alex Walsh

Kyle Risko

Neha Bhat, Michelle Bone, Doo Lee (Mel) Kim

Benjamin Barsky, Jason Sloan, Jennica Wragg

Christina Chen, Richard Hildreth, Adrian Parlow, Yuri Yi