The Digital Millennium Copyright Act Turns 10

October 28th marked an important anniversary for the digital IP community, as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act celebrated its tenth birthday. For a birthday present, the Electronic Frontier Foundation issued a scathing report, arguing that the law has been unjustly applied against "consumers, scientists and legitimate competitors."

The DMCA, designed to protect copyrights in the digital age, bans circumvention of digital rights management and other technological protection measures in return for limited safe harbors for ISPs who comply with the law's notice-and-takedown provisions.

The Act remains highly controversial, challenged from the perspectives of practical aspects as well as policy considerations. The EFF report claims that the act has failed to prevent digital piracy, and has instead succeeded in creating severe side-effects--such as harming fair use, free speech, scientific research, technology progression and legitimate competition.

You can access the EFF's full report here: