Joker Obama: Copyright Infringement or Political Parody?

It’s certainly no joke. Yet another image of Obama has stirred up “copyright infringement concerns,” according to the photo-sharing website Flickr. This time, the image features U.S. President Barack Obama painted with the Joker’s clown makeup from the movie, “The Dark Knight.” Firas Alkhateeb, a 20-year-old college student from Chicago, created the image by using Adobe Photoshop to “Jockerize” the Obama photo. During the time that the Obama-Joker photo was hosted on, it generated over 20,000 pageviews until Alkhateeb received an email from the website informing him that the photo had been removed due to “copyright infringement concerns.” Now, many are lashing out at the website, insisting that image constitutes fair use as a political parody, a protected form of free speech. For this reason, there has been much controversy over whether Flickr’s removal amounted to political censorship.

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