PIPG is pleased to announce the 2012-2013 Executive Board

Penn Intellectual Property Group is please to announce the PIPG Executive Board for 2012-2013!  

Co-President Matt Corriel
Co-President Ashley Kwon
VP-External Alisa Melekhina
VP-External Dafan Zhang
VP-Internal Rebecca Dell
Symposium Chairs Chris Kim, Lauren Saltiel
Treasurer Elizabeth Ho
Managing Blog Editor Chris Martin


Congratulation to the new board, and sincere thanks for this year's board for of their hard work and dedication!

Prof. Christopher Yoo on "The Transformation of the Internet"

The emergence of the Internet as the dominant means of communication over the past decade represents one of the most remarkable developments of our nation's technological history. A medium that began as a way for academics to send e-mail and exchange files has become a nearly ubiquitous phenomenon that has transformed almost every aspect of daily life.

The vision of the Internet as it existed in the late 1990s continues to serve as the starting point for current debates over communications policy. In framing the issues in this manner, policymakers overlook important changes in the economic and technological environment surrounding the Internet, including:

* The number and nature of Internet users
* The nature and variety of Internet applications
* The variety of networking and end user technologies
* The diversity of business relationships
* The maturation of the industry

In this lecture, delivered on April 21, 2009, Professor Christopher Yoo of the University of Pennsylvania Law School analyzed the nature of these changes and explored their potential for reframing current debates over Internet policy.

Symposium: Global Trademark Protection

The second panel presentation discussed trademark protection in a globalized world. Panelists discussed the economics of trademark protection, new issues in protecting trademarks internationally, and the impact of the recession on counterfeiting. Speakers on the panel included:

Moderator: The Honorable Kent Jordan, Third Circuit Court of Appeals
Glenn Gundersen, Dechert LLP
Marcia Paul, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Jef Pearlman, Public Knowledge
Martin Schwimmer, Trademark Blog and Moses & Singer
Peter Vogl, Jones Day

Symposium: Trademark Use in Virtual Environments

The first panel presentation of the day discussed the use of trademarks in virtual environments. Panelists discussed what it means to have virtual trademark, how trademarks in virtual worlds differ from real-world trademarks, and what types of issues arise in the new medium. Speakers on the panel included:

Moderator: Professor Christopher Yoo, University of Pennsylvania Law School
Bryce Coughlin, Steptoe & Johnson
Kevin Goldstein, Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP
James Grimmelmann, New York Law School
Sharon Marsh, US Patent & Trademark Office

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